G’day mate,

Ah, about me. Well I like Pasta. And Physics, of course. And the Sherlock Holmes’ books.
I am quite evil as my friends describe me, more or less. It’s more of an advantage than a hindrance. But I am friendly; sort of. If you love Holmes and Watson, you are incredible. If you are not, well doomsday will be at your door at any moment.
I make friends easily (my friends would definitely concur) and when I do, you’ll have a fond exasperation from my ramblings, and evil plots and whatever codswallop one can think of.
I adore London, but I adore Australia more because it’s where my house resides. Elementary is my absolute favourite TV show, and Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are my favourite actors. Therefore, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson are the best duo out there. Perfect deduction.
Yes, my life is very, very interesting.
Something else about me? Ah, sorry, I need to go for a run.
Oh apologies, did I mention that I love running (runners unite!) because it’s the best way to refresh my mind, practise my observation skills, prepare for exams, and just enjoying the beautiful mornings and evenings.
So yes, I have to depart.



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