“I am better wi…

“I am better with you Watson. I’m sharper, more focused. Difficult to say why, exactly. Perhaps in time, I’ll solve that as well.”

The reason I love Elementary. The dynamic between the Sherlock and Joan (Jonny and Lucy) is incredible, and honestly Season 1 was amazing. Season 2 was a bit of a let down for me personally, but there’s always a chance at redemption in Season 3. Let’s see what they come up with.
They better have something good, otherwise they are most certainly going to receive their comeuppance.


6 thoughts on ““I am better wi…

  1. Soumya, I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis. Indeed, the relationship between Joan and Sherlock is beautiful; they make each other a better version of themselves, but it’s the strongest form of friendship. It’s funny because, regardless of being a friendship, they have a better relationship than most romantic relationships. 😀
    Season 2, I agree, was a letdown. 😦 I loved Season 1, and Season 2 is still great, but not AS good. xD Can’t wait until Season 3! ^_^

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